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Make training enjoyable and interesting with VR technologies.
VR can be used across different industry verticals for training employees whose qualification is crucial in terms of personal and equipment safety.
Simulation of real work condition
Prevention of emergency situations
Studying technological processes
Training equipment maintenance
Unified training
It is possible to use the same VR-installation for training employees from any division. The same VR module allows practicing a wide range of technological processes that can be customized to the needs of each company's department.
detailed visualization
3D graphics assists in reproducing and control the most complex work processes invisible to the human eye. VR technology can easily simulate any of the existing processes that was already learn by the science.
VR simulates the management of any complex equipment and emergencies. It helps to work out employee's actions aimed at eliminating the emergency without any life-threatening risks.
Full immersion
VR-technologies allow solving complex production tasks in the form of a game.
Vibrating motors provide outstanding
realistic immersion
Precise tracking with 15 IMU sensors,
15 vibrating motors to ensure maximum reality
Tracking camera of objects for large
areas. Powered by IR-camera and IMU
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