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Cloud platform connecting students, teachers, school staff and parents.
Electronic Educational Environment is a comprehensive learning management solution
Content library
All educational content (textbooks, lessons, multimedia, tests and exams, etc.) is securely stored and structured for fast and comfortable access.
Content creation and management
Teachers can create new educational content from scratch or using a library as a source. Content that can be created includes lesson scenarios and tests.
Interactive lessons
Teachers can use interactive whiteboard and students personal devices to distribute educational content, conduct tests and control students' engagement level in a class room.
Comprehensive educational progress tracking with desktop and mobile interfaces for students and parents.
Virtual workshops
Virtual workshops provide students with interactive environment and visual instruments that helps to understand key aspects of different subjects areas.
Use of educational content, students' academical progress, teachers' activity, etc.
95% of students spend more time studying in schools where Altarix Smart Education Platform was deployed.
95% of students spend more time studying in schools where Altarix Smart Education Platform was deployed.
School management
  • Admission management
  • Examination management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Students' academic performance
  • Dashboards & analytics
  • Unified communication with parents, students and teachers
  • Human resources and document flow management
  • Timetable & gradebook
  • Attendance tracking
  • Planner and task manager
  • Online examination
  • E-diary (timetable, performance, assignments)
  • Digital books and learning content
  • Online evaluation
  • Interactive in-class activities
  • Distance learning
  • Online submission of home assignments
  • School announcements with acknowledgement
  • Access to e-gradebook (academic performance, home tasks)
  • Push and email notificationsCommunication with teachers and school managemen
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The Largest Smart Education Project Worldwide.
Cloud-based educational platform connects students, teachers, school staff and parents.
15% better academic performance
80% of teachers and parents are satisfied with changes
2x lighter school backpacks
88% school administration
cost savings