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Workflows automatization. Online access to internal database information.
Altarix Unit is based on modular architecture to ensure outstanding flexibility and time to market. Transfer up to 100% of business workflow activity into electronic form.
Document management with out of the box digital signature support
Bank cards processing
Secure access to corporate IT systems
Built-in security tools
Task management, geo-tracking and communication
Document printing
Unit box solution includes mobile device management, antivirus and cryptographic protection software to ensure maximum data security.
Tablets and smartphones
Altarix Unit software can be installed on corporate or employees' own (BYOD) mobile devices depending on corporate policies. Unit supports Android, iOS and Windows tablets and smartphones.
Mobile printers
Altarix Unit supports 99% of printers on the market. This means that your field force staff can use almost any available printer (incl. mobile ones) to print out documents when needed.
Altarix Unit is a mobile workplace solution for enterprises and public authorities. It is designed to provide freedom of corporate mobility for field force employees.
95% of students spend more time studying in schools where Altarix Smart Education Platform was deployed.
  • Police
  • Different city inspections
Finance and insurance
  • Insurance premium calculation
  • Documents processing
  • Examination of insured property
  • Payment acceptance
  • Goods display
  • Price checks
  • Security checks
  • Staff checks
CASE: Moscow

Implementation of Altarix Unit workplaces in road police made it possible to significantly improve officers' overall efficiency.
Over 6000 police officers use
Unit solution daily
Time of road accidents execution
fall by 50%
Efficiency of search activities
raised by 35%
Overall officers' productivity
raised by 30%
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